Ying “Hazel” Lee (Codename Stinger)


Aspect Rooster

Hazel was born in the Portland Oregon in the 1912 and is the daughter of the banished aspect rooster Mao Lee. She never knew of her father special abilities. To her he was this dynamic personage that could do about anything. Mao first love was flying and Hazel was taught at an early age how to fly in his old crop duster. She was a natural born flyer and she loved the special bond this gave her with her father.

Mao died in a crash on a private flight to Seattle, Washington. Hazel was fifteen and was devastated by his death. Her mother passed on her father’s aspect ring to her. The ring was the only thing that was recovered from the plane wreckage. Hazel has worn the ring on a gold chain necklace ever since. Three year after her father death hazel placed the ring on her finger. It took her sometime to understand the changes her aspect gave her but she found that she had faster than normal reaction times and her vision was heighten and changed.

Hazel soon found that her abilities gave her advantages when she flew. She was a good pilot before but became a great pilot with her enhancements. Liam Zhang was the first to discover that Hazel had replaced her father. They had a long conversation where Liam told hazel of the twelve and their history. Hazel found it so odd and wondered why her father never mentioned any of it to her. Over time she meets many of the others.

In 1933 Japan aggressions into China leads Hazel to travel to Canton in hope of joining the Chinese air force. Despite the need for pilots, the Chinese Air Force would not accept a woman pilot. Frustrated, Hazel instead settled in Canton and spent the next few years flying for a private airline. In 1937, Japan invaded China. Hazel remained in China despite the war and was in Canton when hundreds of civilians were killed in Japanese air attacks. Friends speak of Hazel’s calm while bombs fell all around and remember Hazel’s effort to find shelter for friends, neighbors and family. Thanks to Hazel’s, all survived the bombing attacks. Following another unsuccessful effort to join the Chinese Air Force, Hazel escaped to Hong Kong and returned to the USA in 1938.

After the bombing of Pearl Harbor the US join the war and Hazel joins WASP (women airforce service pilots) program. She flew all through the war and was even given special training in advance fighter warplanes. In 1944 on a routine mission from Niagara Falls, New York to Great Falls, Montana Hazel was involved in a collision with another P-63 with both planes being engulfed in flames. The other pilot died in the crash but Hazel survived with hardly a scratch. The Army found that the ground control was at fault and Hazel was back up flying soon after.

Hazel has served in all the major conflicts the US has been involved with over the years. She was recruited into SHIELD based on her long service record and they helped refine her special skills. She has added a few gadgets from Dr Simian (aspect monkey) who she calls Uncle Simian. Her favorite gadget is the new Jet Pack.
Hazel has proven the aspect lines will carry on.

Ying “Hazel” Lee (Codename Stinger)

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