Aspect Ram

No one predicted that a mere slave would be selected to become one of the twelve and no one would have ever thought Fu His would be that slave. Fu had no honor but lived by a code of the wilds were the strongest were king. When Fu first placed on his ring his aspect immediately took form and turned him into a monstrous goatman. Those in attendance thought the Heavens had sent them a plague for some misdeed they must have committed, but Fu simply bowed to the emperor and pledge his oath.

Fu was not like any of his line, he was this brutal strength hidden behind a protector’s guise. He severed the empire well and struck fear in its enemies. He was jealous of the dragon line but his real rivals were Yuet Wai Kan (aspect ox) and Cho Chen (aspect rat). Each man had slight Fu and he took pleasure any time he outdid either of them.

Fu changed when the twelve were exile. He was finally set free and with this freedom he swore never to be enslaved again. His appearance has forced Fu to seek the shadows and plan well his acquisition of power. Over the years he has step out of the shadows rarely. He acquires what he wants and returns to his shadows.


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